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Copper Condenser 2″

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2″ Copper Condenser with brass tri-clamp ferrules, for use with a copper distillation column.  Hard soldered with 2% silver solder for extra strength and durability. Hydrotested at 5 bar.


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This 2″ Copper Condenser is a component of a modular copper distillation column.

This condenser is 400mm long and has 4 internal cooling pipes, giving a whacking 1.6m of cooling capacity. What this means is that you need much less water to condense the vapour and you get a condensate temperature very close to the water temperature.

This product is made with 1/2″ male inlet and outlet since most valves are of the female fitting type. However, I do have 1/2″ female sockets for sale should you require them too. Alternatively, you can pop down to your local DIY shop to buy a couple and don’t forget the teflon thread tape.

The condenser connects the distillation column via the 2″ 180° bend over.  It will fit any system with either 50mm or 2″ tri-clamp brass ferrules, including off the shelf stainless steel ferrules.

The item has been hard soldered with 2% silver solder rods and is very strong as a result. It has also been hydrotested at 5kPa to ensure no leaks, and pickled to remove surface impurities.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 49 x 10 x 10 cm


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