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Copper Sieve Plate 4″ (Distillation Plate)

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4″ copper sieve plate

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This 4″ sieve plate (or distillation plate or tray) is made from 100% copper and has an open area of 9% with 1.6mm Ø holes.  The downer is 19mm with a cap on the end that acts as a liquid seal to prevent vapour from bypassing the sieve.  It performs the same function as a bubble plate.

The sieve plate is sized to fit into a recess that is cut into the brass ferrule on the top of the bubble tee, but it will fit any 4″ or 100mm ferrule.  Note that on any other ferrule the sieve plate will sit above the surface of the ferrule and will add to the difficulty of connecting one module to the next due to the added thickness (basically the gasket is 1.5mm thick which will lay on top of the 1.2mm sieve plate and the clamp will struggle to fit over the total thickness, though it is not impossible).  It is for this very reason, and my own struggles, that I had a ferrule custom made just for this purpose.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 12 cm


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