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Claudia – The Copper Onion Ball

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Copper onion ball, 4″ conections.  A product you never imagined would come to pass.  Make your boiler into a genuine pot still, or just make an ornament out of it. Use it with your gin basket or with your distillation column.  Put it anywhere and if it doesn’t make a difference it will certainly get people talking.

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At last a product that gives you the ability to make your moonshine using a genuine pot still configuration.  Claudia, the Copper Onion Ball is here and is a world beater, just connect it to your boiler and make better whoopie.

Named as the partner to Chester, the copper boiler, they make a sweet pair.  Some say they went further than making a tri-clamp connection and Claudia is ‘showing’.

So tell me, what more versatile alcohol distillation product is there?  What can do the job of ye ole copper pot stills AND add a new dimension to your gin distillation AND improve the purity through your distillation plate column?  There is only one product out there and this is it. HHH has done it again!! Claudia is here to make an impact.

Three cheers!! (now what shall we use to drink to that?)

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 390 x 390 x 390 cm


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