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Copper Swan Neck 4×2″

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Copper pot still neck, with 4″ x 2″ conections.  Make your boiler into a genuine pot still, just add the pot still neck to Claudia the pot still belly. Use it in place of the 4×2″ reducer wherever you like.

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Typically this 4×2″ pot still neck will be used with Claudia, the copper pot still belly, to produce one of the finest examples of a genuine pot still configurations for smaller size boilers.  The effect of Claudia and the pot still reducer is to increase surface area over a short distance to increase natural reflux which alters the flavour profile of your distillate in a good way.  The traditional old pot stills in Scotland, for instance, have different belly shapes and sizes, and different length necks.  A very long neck will produce a lighter whisky, while a shorter neck will let more oils through and have a heavier flavouring.  The same goes for the belly and the lyne arm (the pipe that connects the neck to the condenser).  With the Claudia and the pot still neck you can add a straight pipe to achieve a longer neck and therefore a lighter distillate.  You can use the small dephlegmator to knock back vapour as well.  The options are endless.

If you have a boiler with a 2″ connection, put 2 pot still necks together to make your own unique pot still configuration.  Each different configuration will define your flavour profile, so make your own and keep it a secret.

The pot still neck can be used in place of the standard 4×2″ copper reducer anywhere in your setup.


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