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Gin Botanicals Scale

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A great little scale that weighs up to 200g and accurate to 0.01g, it is perfect for weighing your botanicals accurately when making gin or tonics.



Introducing the new HHH Botancial Scale.

Making a little gin, like only 30-50 bottle batches?  Having trouble measuring out some of the botanicals because it’s only a few grams and fractions of a gram that you need?  I had the same problem, but because I’m an archer and I have a little scale for my arrows, I could measure my botanicals to 1 hundreth of a gram.

And this is why I have ordered in some of the same type of scales, they made my life easier and will surely make yours easier too.  Capacity os 200g and accuracy is 1/100th of a gram.  A really nifty little scale and useful in the kitchen.

If you’re making your own tonic you can use it for that too. Considering that 1 litre of quinine concentrate will mix into 100 bottles of tonic, you definitely need to get your botanical weights accurate for repeatability.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 3 cm


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