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Power Controller 16A

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A 16A rated power controller with illuminated switch and ammeter, you’ll always know its on and you’ll always know exactly what current you’re drawing.  Designed for real brewers or distillers who want the best product with the best equipment at a price that can’t be beaten for valuse for money.

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Using a power controller to control the output of your boiler will give you flexibility like you never thought.  You can save water through your condenser and power consumption in one go.  And you’ll have more control over the quality of your product.

Most power controllers are just a box with a potentiometer dial and that is that.  How do you know if the power is on?  Well, I’ve sorted that out with an illuminated switch that lights up when the power is on.  How do you know what power output you’re getting?  I mean, no one tells you that the potentiometer is not linear; you could be at 50% on the dial but 75% power.  I’ve sorted that one out for you by including an ammeter so you can see exactly what current you’re drawing.  How nifty is that?

This power controller is rated at 16A whereas most household sockets are 10A, so it is over designed for your safety.  You can therefore plug any 2.2kW heating element into it, even up to 3.6kW.

You’ve got to hand it to HHH Distill, we develop products that give you what you need.  We’re not trying get you the cheapest solution, but the most practical, the most useful, the best value for money.  And we have fun doing it.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 300 x 200 x 150 cm


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